September 12, 2017 mikeandcarrie

What is The Anniversary Dance?

The anniversary dance is a popular dance held at many wedding receptions for all married couples at the wedding. It’s a way to honor those couples who have been married the longest and is really fun for all ages. Your DJ or Band should know what the anniversary dance is if you ask for it, and be sure to pick out a song that you’d like to use for it.

The DJ or band leader will call all married couples out to the dance floor. Then, one by one, he’ll ask those couples who have been married 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, etc. to sit down. One by one, couples will sit down until the couple that has been married the longest remains on the dance floor. Consider giving your bouquet,  toss bouquet, or a centerpiece to the winning couple,  It’s a beautiful tradition and a wonderful way for you newlyweds to start out your marriage with a truly inspirational couple in front of you.

Did/Will you do the anniversary dance at your wedding?

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